08 July 2014

Beads for My Brother

We are excited to announce an exciting fundraising opportunity called Beads for My Brother.

This fundraising opportunity doesn't directly affect our adoption costs, it indirectly affects it because our daughter Lilli is praying and seeking to travel with us to Ch*na for Samuel.
She has been busily working with our Aunt making handmade, hand rolled bead earrings to sell to help with her travel costs.

I may be a little partial but their earrings are really beautiful, fun, creative and cool!
No pair is alike or identical, so you are getting a one of a kind!

My hope is to post pictures of earrings on here For Sale, however we also have them listed For Sale in a Facebook Group.  Right now we are struggling to keep up, so I don't have any to post.  However, I hope to soon!

Again, all funds raise from Beads for My Brother go directly to our daughter.

We are so excited for this opportunity and SO blessed by our Aunt's generosity and support in helping us with this fundraiser!

We'll post more soon!


Praise the Lord, the train is MOVING!!

It has felt as if we were at a complete standstill lately.

Waiting on our home study to be completed.  We had some unexpected bumps and detours this time that we didn't experience with Emmalin's adoption.  To say that it tested us and our faith is an understatement.  It was tough.  However, our God is SO FAITHFUL and NEVER FAILS or DESERTS US!!

Our adoption agency received our finalized home study from our home study agency in the mail today and overnighted our completed I800a paperwork tonight!!  Praise God!

As the title says, the train is finally moving again.  Moving in the direction of a certain adorable little guy waiting for us.

We Praise God that we can continue to have peace though because even though he waits, while he waits he is SO LOVED and SO CARED for and we are SO GRATEFUL and THANKFUL!!

Praying, Praising and feeling a little more Peaceful tonight,