19 January 2015

Getting closer....

With each passing day and week we are getting closer to our little guy.

We received news that we had Article 5 drop off and we are now one week down, one to go for pick up.  Once it is picked up we start our TA(travel approval) wait!  Woo-Hoo!!

If only Ch*na didn't decide to schedule Ch*nese New Year at the end of February this year we would be holding our little guy in under a month.  Alas, the whole country shuts down to celebrate and that means no travel for us that month. 

We continue to rest in the fact that we will hold our son when we are supposed to and we continue to have plenty to keep us occupied until we do.

Meanwhile we received our final update on Samuel through our agency!!  We were excited to receive his current measurements and to learn that he is just a wee bit bigger than Emmalin.  He weighs about 5 lb more and is just a little taller and his foot seems to be a little bigger as well.  We are very excited to see them together, our virtual twins - 6 months apart. :-)


Oh he is getting so Big but he is SO cute and I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!

He is so very loved and cared for by his foster family.  We are so thankful and blessed for their care, devotion and love for him. 

Our conversations are daily filled with how things will be changing in a few short weeks, what activities we enjoy together that Samuel will be enjoying with us.  I catch myself at random times throughout the day thinking "Wow, how will this activity or function we are doing be different with Samuel home?"  We will learn very soon! 

Prayers are greatly appreciated for Samuel, for his little heart and mind as all he knows will quickly be changing.  For peace of mind for him and a quick attachment to us.
Prayers for our girls as their world will soon be turned upside down too.  With us traveling to receive Samuel and being apart for over 2 weeks and then our return with a brother they have never met in person and have no idea what to expect of him.  Also having to share Mom and Dad more and the patience that will require.

We know without a doubt that God has called us to bring Samuel home and he has brought us through each and every step of this adoption.  He will not forsake us now.  Prayers for us as it is a very overwhelming process and will be quite a time of transitioning when we come home.

We really cannot express enough our appreciation, thankfulness and gratefulness for the support we have received.  In all ways, financially, spiritually(prayers), emotionally(excitement, well wishes).  We are such a blessed family and we give God all the honor and glory!

Packing, Preparing and Praying,

08 January 2015


Praise God we are Cabled!!

That means that our Visa paperwork and Immigration paperwork for Samuel has been sent to Guangzhou Ch*na!!!

It also means that we start our wait for the next step which is Article 5 drop off.
This means all of our important paperwork will be delivered to the Embassy in Ch*na to be approved.
It is a standard 10 days or 2 week wait.  So you have drop off and 2 weeks later pick up.
It is very predictable.

During the wait we will be organizing, organizing, organizing, gathering needed items to travel and begin packing!  For once Article 5 is picked up we start our Travel Approval (TA) wait!!

Yahoo!!  This is really happening!  We are almost there!!  Praise God!

Praising, Rejoicing and Praying to focus on getting ready,