30 September 2014

Answered Prayers

God continues to amaze us with how he shows up unexpectedly when you least expect it but most need it! 

We have been living in a temporary home, a rental home for 8 months since we sold our home of 8 1/2 years in December 2013.  Never did I think we would have moved in December and January, never, but we did.  Even then God showed up and it was a beautiful sunny 50 degree day when we moved all the big stuff out.  The day of settlement when the new couple was moving in it was 17 degrees outside!! BRRRR!!  We were blessed to drive home as we had moved into our rental home and snuggle up in blankets and watch a movie because we were done and we were beat!

For the past 8 months we have prayed and looked at houses, 16 to be exact, yes, that's A LOT of houses with 4 kids in tow, pleading with them not to touch the homeowners things and please STAY OFF THEIR BEDS!  True story there!  Anyway, it's been long and tough and another faith walk for us for sure!

Before we even moved, when we had first listed our house, our neighbors at that time that lived across the street approached us about a house that they knew of that was going to be listed.  They knew the couple and the couple wanted to know if we were interested in purchasing their home before they listed it?  We enjoyed looking at the pictures of the home and frankly we said to each other that home is beautiful but we could never imagine affording, yet alone purchasing a home that size.  We thanked them for the opportunity but explained that it was out of our league we felt and we hadn't sold our home yet.

Fast forward 10 months later and my hubby says to me out of the blue one day "Hey you know the house that our old neighbors had shared with us after we listed our house, well it has come down significantly in price since we had looked at the pictures so many months before."  "Would you be interested in going and seeing it in person and well, just checking it out!?"  "Why not I said!"  It really is fun to look at houses and dream and seek if the house might be the home for you.  No other houses were catching our fancy or really felt like home to us up until then, might as well take a peek! 

Well, we REALLY, REALLY liked it!  We were pleasantly surprised!  We came home shaking our heads and saying to each other, that we liked it more than we thought we were going to.  We agreed to start praying and seeking the Lord if we should attempt to put an offer in on it.  After a little bit of time we felt that we should indeed put an offer in because we could really see our family in the home.  We submitted an offer and the sellers didn't like our offer.  They countered and we said no, sorry, we can't do that.  Our realtor pleaded with us to counter with something and we said no, we can't, we are walking away and we are going to wait it out.  If it is meant to be, it will work out. 

A few weeks go by, we had kept praying and wondering and watching to see if it sold.  It didn't.  One day we receive a text from our realtor that the sellers had dropped the price of the home again!  We immediately prayed and started talking about submitting another offer.  We felt led to move forward so we submitted another offer and again they come back with a counter and said, NO. 

NO? NO? What!  Why?  We don't understand!  It was strange and hard and frustrating and well, you get the picture.  We struggled emotionally for a few days and we kept praying and we released it to God.
A week or so went by and our realtor contacted us to explain that the sellers were giving us one last opportunity to submit an offer.  We were entering into a bidding war you see with two other potential families who were interested in the house as well.  The sellers wanted everyone to submit their best offer and they would choose the one they liked the most.  Did we feel that was ridiculous and frustrating, absolutely - YES!   However, we REALLY, REALLY liked the house and we couldn't walk away without knowing that we had done all that we could to attempt to buy it. 

We once again prayed and gave the house and our finances to the Lord.  We knew that if we walked in obedience and if the house was meant to be our home, God would work out the details.
So, we crunched the numbers, submitted the offer and kept praying!
You can probably guess how this goes right.  We were the first of the three families to submit and offer and again, they didn't like our offer!  They said, NO and we said WHAT, and OK, if that is how it is meant to be than we are letting go and walking away!  We also prayed and said "God if this house wasn't meant for us and you closed the door than we are praying and asking for you to please show us where you are leading us and please bring us peace because we are SO VERY FRUSTRATED and STRUGGLING right now!"  We finally felt peace and we let go and we let God. 
That was a Wednesday, in August.  We honestly walked away and kept telling ourselves don't think about it, don't worry about it because God wants us to trust him and not look back.

Monday afternoon of the following week my hubby got home early from work and it was one of the last hot days that the pool would be open so we decided to take the kids to the pool.
We enjoyed our time together and we were loading up in the car to go home.  I am blessed to have a smart phone and I get my email on there as well and my hubby was holding my phone and it vibrated, meaning I had an email.  Let me just preface here that when you are adopting every and all email is VERY important!  You feel like Pavlov's dog, you react immediately and want to check your email because you NEVER know what it could say!

My hubby preceded to check my email and all of a sudden he started saying "Whoa, what is this, what is this?!!"  I was in the back of the car loading in some of our bags and I said, "What, what's wrong?"  He said read the subject of this email!!!  So I read the following subject/title of the email: "Please sign the attached documents and agreements, Congratulations - YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE!"  WOW - WHAT!!!  I seriously started screeching and screaming in the pool parking lot!  We started hugging and saying is this what we think it is?  It was SO SUREAL!!
We opened the email and sure enough, there was the agreement for the house we were trying to purchase - ALL SUMMER LONG!!

God had brought the house that we thought was so very far out of our reach a year ago, right back to us!  To say that we were AMAZED, DUMBFOUNDED, OVERWHELMED is an understatement!!

Today I am sitting in our beautiful, amazing out of our reach but not God's, home!!!  It is OURS and we are SO THANKFUL and GRATEFUL!!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.  Eph. 3:20 NIV

Praising and Rejoicing,


20 September 2014

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