17 February 2015

CA confirmed!

We received all the acronym's we could receive for this adoption!

We've had DTC, LID, LOA, A5 pickup and drop off, TA and CA!

We have CA or our consulate appointment.  Our last appointment on our trip in Ch*na before we can fly HOME!!

No more dawdling or wondering - it is GO TIME!!

Feeling very overwhelmed, prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Praising God for his faithfulness!  Praying for peace and clarity of mind, it's jumbled mess right now!

Samuel here we come! :-)

15 February 2015

TA for Samuel

It finally arrived, it was finally issued!!

Travel Approval - Ch*na's official approval that we can travel and bring home our son!

I say finally because it took a little longer than we anticipated and than it should have.
There were families who had Art 5 pick-up after us who received TA before us. 
That is very difficult to see, hear and read when in our mind we were first in line and should have received TA first.  Alas, it wasn't to be and we are moving on.

Receiving TA is exciting but unfortunately it is shadowed by that fact that we have a longer wait for our CA or Consulate Appointment.  The Consulate in Ch*na is closed over the weekend, on Monday for President's Day and then for Ch*nese New Year starting Wednesday Feb. 18th. 

To say that it feels like we take one step forward, two steps backward is an understatement.
Regardless, we are moving forward even if it is slower than we would like or more complicated than we would like.  The fact is that in a month we will be where we desire to be preparing to hold our son in our arms very, very soon!

Our TA news was also shadowed by a small accident I experienced on Friday while driving through town.  We had received our TA news that morning and I had already made plans to go to town to run errands.  Needless to say, thanks to the snow, a truck was parked out too far on the road along a busy street in town.  I was not paying attention as much as I should have.  I did not gage the closeness of my mirror to his.  I should have got over more and I would not have hit his mirror with my side mirror. :-(
So crushed side mirror and a police report and my day went south pretty quick!

Exciting news, long awaited news does not always mean that your day will be full of rainbows and sunshine.  To say that the enemy was seeking to have a hay day with me and us that day is for sure!

Well, Praise God there is hope and continues to be hope!  God has led us each step of this journey and he has not and will not forsake us now even in the midst of this small hole we find ourselves in.  That's what it feels like anyway.  I feel like I am waiting for God to come pull us out and we can start walking forward once Ch*nese New Year has ended and the appointments that need to be made for our trip, etc. can happen. 

Once again, we will continue to use this time to keep preparing, organizing and spending time with one another as a family of 6 until it is time to board that long awaited plane.

Praising God, Preparing, Praying and Pressing On,