14 October 2014

Good News

We were elated and SO JOYFUL to get the news that last week on my birthday we were....

That means that all of our very important paperwork, our dossier has made it to China and is logged in to their system.
So what now you ask? 
Well, now we wait some more for our dossier to be translated into Mandarin and for all the necessary details to be completed. 
Then we will receive news that we have LOA or our approval from Ch*na to adopt Samuel.
So we wait and pray and trust in God's perfect timing!
Praising God for one more step closer to our adorable son!
Cannot wait to wrap my arms around him!

13 October 2014

Blessings, Prayers and Pressing On

It has been laid on my heart to share that the financial blessings we receive for our adoption of Samuel are kept completely separate and solely for that purpose.  To pay the necessary fees and cost associated with this International Adoption.  We have opened a completely separate account and also have been blessed by Reece's Rainbow to have an account completely accountable and separate from our daily spending.

We are not adopting to receive money to use for our family.  We have not and will not use any funds or monies received for our adoption towards costs for our family, only towards our adoption.
We desire to be honest and trustworthy and we are.

We desire to honor God and the journey that he has called us on for Samuel.

We desire to go when God calls and we are.

We understand that not all are able to give financially to our family as times are tough, we get that!

No pressure to give us money or help us financially.  Will you please pray for us!  Satan has been having a field day with our family because he wants nothing more than for us to slip up or not be able to complete the journey that God so desires for us to make.
He wants nothing more than for our little boy to not have a forever family.

Well, MOVE OVER SATAN because this train ain't stoppin' for the likes of YOU!!  We are full steam ahead, our Heavenly Father is our conductor and we are making this journey to Samuel!
The battle has already been won and we are not surrendering.  We know who the victor is and we serve him and him only!

We would LOVE and so appreciate prayers for Samuel.  That God would begin to prepare his little heart for our family and for the transitions he will be going through. 
Prayers for our girls as it is not easy when Mom and Dad have so much paperwork and fundraising details, etc. to manage and it means less time we have to spend with them.
Prayers also for the girls as this will be there first brother and it will be a totally different ballgame.  Also, it means more giving on their parts, giving of time, Mom and Dad's laps, arms and attention.

We Praise God that even through the storms we face now we can Praise HIM because it is only through him and with him that we are weathering them and will continue too!

Praising, Praying and Pressing On with God as our guide,