15 June 2016

CA - the final piece

International Adoption is full of acronyms - DTC, LID, LOA, etc.

After receiving TA on June 8th we were so hopeful to book our plane tickets and travel plans to go get our girl!
However, our girl's home country likes to celebrate holidays and they issued our Travel approval and shut things down.  Which meant we had to wait 5 days to talk about when we might hold her in our arms!
We had plans, but those plans couldn't be set into motion until we had official approval and that took more time than usual this time but it all worked out!!

We now have the final acronym - CA or consulate appointment.  Our last appointment in country before we can fly HOME!!

We NOW have PLANS and we will meet and hold our sweet girl THIS month yet and we are OVER the moon elated and excited!!
All honor and glory to God for working out all the details and bringing it all together and meeting the desires of our hearts in the meantime!!
He gave us such peace during the wait and we heard him saying, just trust, have faith, it will all come together in my perfect timing and it is and has!!

Cannot wait to share pics very soon of our Violet Joy- loved, cherished daughter!

08 June 2016

TA- Travel Approval!!

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!!
We received Travel Approval today! 

We will be on a plane so very soon and bringing our sweet Violet HOME!!

Thank you to anyone who has read our blog and kept our family in prayer and thought through this journey! 

Praising God that we are almost at the end of the paperwork and waiting stage and will hold Violet in our arms so soon!!

31 May 2016

Article 5 Medical Expedite Granted!!!

I cannot stop shouting Praises to our heavenly father who is writing Violet's adoption story!!

We just received an email that our Article 5 paperwork was expedited from 2 weeks to ONE DAY!!
We received approval and now we are officially waiting for TA-Travel Approval!!

We will be on a plane and holding Violet in June!!

Praise God for his everlasting faithfulness!  He never forsakes those who trust in him!!

Rejoicing and Celebrating we are almost there!!