13 May 2016

Precious and Smile Kids Tshirt Fundraiser

We have been blessed again, with an adorable fundraising opportunity.
We think they are so cute and we would love to see them on precious little kiddos, shining their lights for our Lord!

Our first set of Tees that we are offering:

Precious in His Sight.  They come in Pink and Smoke(grey).  They are a baseball T so they are a little more roomy than a normal t-shirt.

Our Second Set of T-shirts we are offering are: Smile Jesus Loves You
These shirts come in 6m Onesie -XL Youth (18/20) for the Vintage Colors with white lettering.
Neon colors with black lettering available in Toddler sizes in Yellow and Pink Only and Youth all colors pictured. 

Neon Youth Shirts available in all these color options

Toddler Sizes Available in this T-shirt in Neon Yellow and Pink Only

We hope you think these tees are as cute as we do!  Please comment below if you are interested in ordering a t-shirt!  All blessings from the sale of these shirts will help us to reach our goal to bring Violet HOME! :-)

Head to the Heart

We do not enjoy fundraising, paper-chasing, fingerprinting, hours in front of the computer and being distracted and not able to spend the time with our kiddos like we would love to.

However, God blesses us so mightily when we step out and allow others to bless us and come around us by offering items they might enjoy, by completing the paperwork on time so the adoption process can keep moving and just continuing to walk forward in obedience and through the doors God keeps opening up. 

If you would have told me 5 years ago I would be going back to Ch*na, for the third time for my 6th child, I would have been AMAZED!  If you would have told me God would bless us with over $100,000 to take those 3 journeys, again, AMAZED!!

I love this Praise song, not only is it catchy and foot stomping but it is so true!  We have let go, allowed God to lead us on 3 journeys and we are not ashamed but thankful for God's leading and HIS PLANS!

God has blessed us IMMEASURABLY!!  He is SO FAITHFUL and we honestly cannot PRAISE HIM enough or Thank HIM enough for his blessings he continues to pour out on us!  He has moved in our family's, friend's and others we have never met, hearts to embrace his plans, his stories and our children and our lives to make their adoptions possible.  It is unthinkable, unimaginable, it is miraculous and it is EXACTLY what God wants us to SEE!  That HE IS ABLE!!  Through HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

We will continue to follow him unashamedly whatever that means, seeking HIS plans.
All Honor and Glory to Our Heavenly Father!

07 May 2016


Praise God our LOA, the official paper document arrived at our agency this week!
Translated to our approval of our dossier and agreement that we can adopt Violet, that giant step that feels forever- is complete! 

Many adoptive Momma's will agree the wait for LOA is the hardest.  You have worked so ardently trying to gather all the documents needed for your dossier and make sure they are perfect.  After you know they have arrived safely, your labor of love, you sit back and wonder, shouldn't I be working on something?  I mean you are still fundraising, (if you need to do that) and gathering items that you will eventually pack in your suitcase and preparing your home and their room.

However, still in the back of your mind you can't shake the feeling that you should be doing more, more paperwork.  You know, because you just spent the last how many months stressing and worrying that everything is as it should be so that it is approved!  God knows you don't want to mess anything up and make your sweet baby girl waiting halfway across the world, wait any longer!

So this week we celebrated and shouted Praises to God that we just took one step closer to our sweet girl!

Now we wait for our next set of paperwork, yes, we did have more paperwork to complete while we waited, but it paled in comparison to the dossier paperwork.
To be approved by USCIS, this is our approval to bring Violet into the Country and she be received and approved US citizenship upon landing!

From the point we are at now until we are on a plane to Ch*na is approximately 8 weeks, may be less, may be more, only God knows.  We are praying for the less and really hopeful that we are holding our sweet girl in our arms at the end of June, early July!

In the meantime I have been nesting like crazy!  I have this urgency to get all areas of our home organized, cleaned and prepared for Violet's arrival because I know that there will not be much time or functioning of my mind to do that when we arrive home!

It is feeling more real, it is really happening and getting closer.  I could literally be holding and snuggling Violet in 60 days or less!  That's AMAZING, only God could help us reach this point, only He has been able to sustain us and provide everything we have needed so far!  We give Him all the honor, glory and PRAISE and we are so excited to see the timeline come together.  The dates that we receive approval and especially the date that we fly to 3 of our children's birth country and hold our 3rd little Ch*na love in our arms!

Praising, Preparing and Praying....Audra