02 February 2016

31 Bag Fundraiser

We have been blessed with a generous opportunity and fundraiser through Thirty One!
It's a new bag and we have learned that Mom's really like it! A Mom shared that it is great for carrying coloring books and crayons, a library book bag, etc.
There are 5 prints to choose from!  $35, tax and shipping included!
Please comment if you are interested in this great little bag that will help us to bring Violet HOME!!
If you can't view the picture well and would like me to email you the flyer, please comment below!
Every amount really does add up and helps us reach our goal!! Thank you!

28 January 2016

Lots of Prayers Needed

We knew beginning this adoption that Violet had Spina Bifida.

However, we didn't know all possible aspects of her medical needs. After having her file reviewed by the International Adoption Clinic at CHOP last week we have learned she has Hydrocephalus too. 

Which means she is literally walking around with water on her brain and a constant headache at 2 1/2 years old. She isn't gaining weight because her head hurts and who wants to eat when you're in pain. Which is why at 2 1/2 she only weighs 13 lbs. She is literally the size of a 6-9 month old. 

We need to get her home ASAP for neurosurgery. The longer she goes without surgery, the more long term cognitive and development delays she could have. If we don't continue to move forward and bring her home, she will die in Ch*na. In Ch*na people with special needs not adopted spend the rest of their life in an institution, a nursing home. 

We can love her and encourage her and share the hope of heaven with her! We are prepared to provide whatever surgery and medical care she needs. We have been given a letter of expedite and we are trying to expedite her adoption which means we will need the $35,000 it takes to complete her adoption, a lot more quickly. 

We are praying to travel this summer. Prayers that all government agencies US side and Ch*na will understand the need to expedite and will work with us and get her home! We are concerned that they may not feel she is sick enough or unstable enough to expedite. 

Prayers please for Violet for her health, for God sustaining her little body and preserving her brain until we can get her home and she has surgery. 

Prayers for the funds to be available as we need it so we can go when they say go!

We KNOW our God is ABLE!!

14 January 2016

Immeasurably Blessed Unspeakable Joy More Tshirt styles

Check out our newly added Women's Fitted Tshirts and Long sleeve Tshirts in our Immeasurably Blessed Unspeakable Joy print!! We are ALL Immeasurably Blessed and by purchasing one of these shirts you are helping us to bring Unspeakable JOY to our Violet Joy!
We now have Unisex, Fitted and Long Sleeve styles. 
$25 Free shipping
XS-3XL($2 for 2&3XL)
Also Long sleeve shirts are $5 more.
Please Donate to our You Caring page to pay for your Tee and comment below for your order!!

Thank you!!