29 July 2014

Reeses Rainbow Opportunity

We are elated to announce that we have been blessed to be featured on Reece's Rainbow!  This is such a wonderful gift because it provides us the opportunity to offer a tax deductible option for others to give or bless our adoption fund!!  Featured on the right sidebar of our blog you will see a button/link.

Reece's Rainbow is an amazing website and organization dedicated to serving and helping children with special needs and down syndrome and the families who long to provide a home and love for them!

Please visit their site to learn more and while you are there check out our post under New Commitments!

Blessed and excited as God throws open the doors,


08 July 2014

Beads for My Brother

We are excited to announce an exciting fundraising opportunity called Beads for My Brother.

This fundraising opportunity doesn't directly affect our adoption costs, it indirectly affects it because our daughter Lilli is praying and seeking to travel with us to Ch*na for Samuel.
She has been busily working with our Aunt making handmade, hand rolled bead earrings to sell to help with her travel costs.

I may be a little partial but their earrings are really beautiful, fun, creative and cool!
No pair is alike or identical, so you are getting a one of a kind!

Large earrings $8

Large Earrings $8

Small earrings $6

Small earrings $6

Large earrings $8
We are always working on new designs so please check back often we will post more earrings soon!

Here is how purchasing from Beads for My Brother works:

Minimum donation amounts are listed for the earrings, Small earrings - $6 and Large earrings $8.
Due to the earrings being fragile, we need to mail them in a padded mailer which makes it more expensive to ship to you unfortunately.  We need to add $2.32 to your earring order, this cost is for your total order amount, not per earring.
For example, if you order one Small pair of earrings, your total would be $8.32.  Large earrings $10.32.
Again, the shipping amount is for your total order, so you can order more than one pair and your shipping costs will still be $2.32.

In order to purchase a pair of earrings please comment on the Blog Post a description of the earrings and mention - Sold.  We will reply as soon as we can!

To pay for your earrings you can use our Paypal Link Button on the right sidebar.  Please mention in the comment sections earrings or Beads for My Brother. 

If you would like to mail us a check you can do that as well.  Please make the checks payable to Audra May and mail them to:

Audra May
PO Box 53
Fredericksburg, Pa 17026

Again, all funds raise from Beads for My Brother go directly to our daughter's fund established for her costs.

We are so excited for this opportunity and SO blessed by our Aunt's generosity and support in helping us with this fundraiser!

Excitedly seeking to help our daughter and bring Samuel home!